Carib Brewery

PHEs Upgrade: Trinidad Project

Cervecería Regional

Carbon Dioxide Generation Plant: CO2 Cagua Project

Carib Brewery

Optimization of the Cold Block: Trinidad Project

Cervecera de Nicaragua

Wastewater Treatment Plant: Nicaragua Project

Pascual Andina

Wastewater Treatment Plant: Pascual Andina Project

Alimentos Polar

Wastewater Treatment Plant: Marigüitar Project

Coca Cola

Wastewater Treatment Plant: Valencia and Maracaibo Projects

Pepsi Venezuela

Water Storage Tank: Pepsi Tank Project

APC Palmonagas

Energy Feasibility Study: Monagas Project

Pepsi Venezuela

Wastewater Treatment Plant: Caucagua Project

Gas Industriel et Associes, GIA

Carbon Dioxide Generation Plant: Haiti Project

Quaker Oats

WWTP, Bolted tanks: Valencia Project

Desnoes & Geddes

Green Beer Clarification and Cooling: Jamaica Project

Cervecería Regional

Boiler Acquisition and Start Up: Maracaibo Project

Cervecería Polar

Beer Recovery from Yeast: Polar Yeast Project

Pepsi Venezuela

Stainless Steel Tanks: New Tanks Project

Industrias La Constancia

Cold Block: Salvador Project

Cervecería Regional

Revamping of the Brewhouse: Maracaibo Brewhouse Project


Yeast Extract Plant: San Joaquin Project