Carib Brewery

Customer: Carib Brewery

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Plant: Champs Fleurs

Production Type: Beer and Beverages

Applied Solution:

  • Centrifugal Separator Brew 2001
  • Expansion of Yeast Cellar
  • Yeast Autolizer
  • Centrifugal Decanter
  • Mixproof Valves
  • Microfiltration


Carib Brewery undertook optimizations across its fermentation cellar, filtration area, and yeast cellar to streamline operations and enhance product quality. The redesign of the interconnection among the 18 cilindroconical tanks included the integration of new bend swing panels and mix-proof valves. This simplification significantly reduced tank occupation time while minimizing beer losses and contamination risks.

Expansion in the yeast cellar involved the addition of a new tank and the installation of an online yeast autolyzer to manage waste yeast. A centrifugal decanter was also implemented to dehydrate the autolyzed yeast, improving handling and allowing its sale as a byproduct. Consequently, this process notably reduced the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) levels in wastewater.

In the filtration cellar, a state-of-the-art centrifugal separator with direct motor coupling was introduced to pre-clarify beer before KG filtration. This upgrade led to substantial increases in filtration cycles and reductions in KG consumption. Moreover, the separator’s functionality extends to clarifying dark products. Furthermore, a new Carboblend module was integrated alongside the existing high gravity carbonation and blending system. This module can blend up to five different products and carbonate them efficiently.

Finally, the installation of a microfiltration module and plate cooler enhances the finalization of dark and other carbonated products previously clarified in the centrifugal separator.