Alimentos Polar

Customer: Alimentos Polar C.A.

Country: Venezuela

Plant: Marigüitar

Production Type: Canned Products

Applied Solution:

  • Equalization Tank
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Unit (DAF)
  • Aerobic Reactor (SBR)
  • Centrifugal Decanter


The processing of tuna, sardines, and mussels results in wastewater containing high levels of organic matter, primarily due to the presence of oils, proteins, and suspended solids. To address this, the initial step involves the removal of oil and suspended solids, followed by the utilization of an anaerobic reactor to eliminate dissolved biodegradable compounds, thereby enabling the water to be safely discharged.

FLOW (m3/d) 2.600
COD(mg/l) 2.600 <150
BOD (mg/l) 1.560 <60
TSS (mg/l) 1.325 <50
FOG (mg/l) 500 <3