Cervecería Polar

Customer: Cervecería Polar C.A.

Country: Venezuela

Plant: Caracas, Maracaibo, Barcelona, San Joaquín

Production Type: Beer and Beverages

Applied Solution:

  • Centrifugal Separator Alfa Laval with continuos discharge BRUX-510
  • Automated Blending Modules
  • Online Autolizers
  • Beer and Yeast Rounting Modules with Unique® Mixproof Valves


Breweries typically generate surplus yeast equivalent to 2-4% of their total production. This yeast contains a considerable amount of beer that can be reclaimed, with profitability increasing as brewery size grows.

Cerveceria Polar has opted to pursue a beer recovery initiative from yeast and has chosen us to provide the technology and equipment for all four of its brewery facilities.

The excess yeast is directed to an automated blending module, where deaerated water is added in a carefully calculated ratio to facilitate optimal yeast separation in the BRUX-510 continuous centrifugal separator. The retrieved beer is then reintroduced into the production process, while the yeast undergoes autolysis in a dedicated module before being repurposed as a byproduct.