Cervecería Regional

Customer:  Cervecería Regional CA

Country:  Venezuela

Plant: Cagua

Production Type:  Cerveza y Malta

Applied Solution:

  • Carbon Dioxide Generation Plant CBU-1000


To ensure a continuous supply of CO2 for its operations, Cerveceria Regional has invested in an automated CO2 generation facility. The CBU-1000 system, powered by the combustion of natural gas in a tube boiler, is capable of producing 1,000 kg/h of liquid CO2. Following its production, the CO2 undergoes a series of processes for purification and separation from other gases. Initially, it is absorbed using monoethanolamine (MEA), then subjected to a patented purification method developed by Union Engineering called NOx-flash®, which eliminates the need for potassium permanganate, a component typically used in conventional techniques.

Once separated, purified, and concentrated, the CO2 gas is compressed, passed through carbon filtration, dehydrated, liquefied, and distilled to achieve a purity level of 99.99%, with a maximum oxygen content of 5 ppm, making it suitable for human consumption.