Gas Industriel et Associes, GIA

Customer: Gaz Industriel et Associes, GIA

Country: Haiti

Plant: Port-au-Prince

Production Type: Industrial Gases

Applied Solution:

  • Carbon Dioxide Generation Plant CBU-1000


GIA, an industrial gas producer, made the decision to upgrade its aging CO2 generation facility from Union Engineering after 15 years of operation, opting for a larger plant. Once again, they chose us as their supplier. The new CBU-1000 plant is capable of producing 1,000 kg/h of liquid CO2 through the combustion of heavy bunker fuel with high sulfur content. GIA’s selection of us as their supplier was influenced not only by the strong performance of the previous plant but also by our patented Union Engineering process known as NOx flash®, which eliminates the need for the highly contaminating potassium permanganate used in conventional technology.