Sep 20


Drinktec, held in Munich, Germany, stands as the world’s largest exposition for technology and equipment in the brewery and beverage industries, occurring once every four years.

Once again, Sulca was present, alongside partners Alfa Laval, Union Engineering, Talleres Landaluce, and Keofitt, catering to the needs of customers in our region.

Drinktec serves as the ideal platform for the unveiling of new technologies and equipment. Union Engineering seized the opportunity to introduce its innovative patented process, ECO2-BREW, designed for the recovery of CO2 from beer fermentation. This groundbreaking process marks a departure from conventional methods.

Alfa Laval utilized the event to showcase its latest centrifugal separator, the Brew2001 with direct drive (patented), known as Alfa Laval edrive. This innovation enables significant energy savings (30%) compared to previous models.