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Alfa Laval Equipment Seminar – Panama 2013

The training seminar focusing on applications of Alfa Laval Equipment Division took place from November 13th to 15th in Panama. These applications encompass various industries including carbonated beverages, juices, beer, and food and dairy products processing.

Throughout the seminar, attendees explored the recently launched equipment and their potential adoption in different processes, with a particular emphasis on mixing applications. Here are a few examples discussed:

  • The HPM (Hybrid Power Mixer) stands out as a high-efficiency powder mixer featuring a single motor drive capable of uniformly dispersing solids into liquids while simultaneously pumping the process liquid. It proves to be an indispensable tool for the food and beverage industries.
  • The IsoMix presents a rotary jet mixer system employing closed-loop circulation within the tank, along with in-place cleaning capabilities. This straightforward and effective system finds utility in the production of juices, beverages, beer fermentation, and numerous other processes.
  • The EnSaFoil agitators, with their patented impeller design, demonstrate exceptional efficiency while requiring surprisingly small motors. With a wide range of models available, they are frequently utilized in the dairy industry and beyond.

Alongside Sulca, distributors and system integrators from Central America, the Caribbean, and the Andean region participated in the seminar. Once again, Sulca reinforces its partnership with Alfa Laval, solidifying its role as a distributor in the territory.